FEATURED PROGRAM: Communicating Across Generations

How to Speak to Boomers, Xers, Millennials, and Zers

When communicating cross-culturally, most people expect different languages, backgrounds, norms, and cultures to affect mutual understanding. Yet, the challenges of intergenerational communication are often underestimated or overlooked. Generations are distinct people groups, each with its own culture, norms, and language. One generation sees things differently from another, and each one communicates differently. This program uses generational science to help you increase your generational intelligence, adapt to generational communication styles and preferences, and become generationally polylingual. Want to become a generational polyglot? This is the program for you! 

Program Fact Sheet - Communicating Across Generations (2023)

Achieving Your Destiny

How to Make or Break the Habits That Will Make or Break You

Destiny is not a mystery, it’s the result of your everyday habits! Those habits create your future. Over time, positive and negative patterns of behavior either enable or prevent you from achieving the things you desire most in life, such as personal health and wellbeing, financial freedom, fulfilling relationships, loving homes, career success, and much more. The good news is that this program will help you master the constructive habits you need to live a completely different life. Want to achieve your destiny? This program will help you do it!

Program Fact Sheet - Achieving Your Destiny (2023)

Appreciating Gen Z

How to Inspire Your Next Gen Employees

Generation Z is the largest generation in the world today. Often dismissed as misfits and dreamers, Gen Zers are some of the most creative, driven, entrepreneurial, technologically advanced, and extraordinary young people to ever enter the workforce. So don’t be quick to yeet them out with the bathwater. Your organization needs them. In this program, you’ll learn how to create an employee experience that hits different so you can attract, recruit, retain, engage, and inspire next gen employees. Want to create a workplace vibe that slaps? You’ll learn how in this program! 

Program Fact Sheet - Appreciating Gen Z (2023)

Authentic Leadership

How to Be Who You Are and Do What is Right

Integrity is the heart of leadership and authenticity is its soul. Authentic leaders have the self-awareness to know what they value, the transparency to speak the truth, and the courage to do the right thing. Through self-assessments, decision-making scenarios, and other real-world applications, this program will help you live and lead by your values – consistently seeking what’s true and doing what’s right. Want to awaken the authentic leader within you? This program is for you!  

Program Fact Sheet - Authentic Leadership (2023)

Change Your World!

How Anyone Anywhere Can Make a Difference

For many of us, the world we live in feels broken. Division, anger, violence, corruption, poverty, homelessness. We all see it and ask, “why doesn’t somebody do something?” It’s as if we’re paralyzed. But the powerlessness we often feel is a myth. Everyone can do something! By learning to change your world you can help transform the world. Based on the book “Change Your World,” this program will teach you the principles and practices authors John C. Maxwell and Rob Hoskins use to lead life-changing transformations in communities worldwide. Want to join the movement and start making a difference? This is the program for you! 

Program Fact Sheet - Change Your World! (2023)

Coaching Your Team to Victory

How to Help Every Employee Improve Job Performance

Leaders are responsible for helping every employee improve their performance. Yet, many leaders aren’t sure how to do so, so they either avoid the subject or resort to ambiguous feedback like, “Great job!” or “Try harder!” Through group discussions and skill practice, this program will show you how to hold employees accountable for their own job performance by providing specific real-time feedback and setting actionable improvement expectations. Want to help every employee improve their job performance? This program will show you how!

Program Fact Sheet - Coaching Your Team to Victory (2023)

Communicating for Results

How to Communicate More Effectively at Work

Communication is the number one competency sought by employers, and a skill that separates leaders from losers. Average communicators experience miscommunication, misunderstanding, and missed opportunities. But when effective communicators speak, people listen! This program uses workplace simulation, self-assessments, and other activities to help you recognize and overcome complex communication issues and enhance your ability to communicate effectively at work and beyond. Want to communicate more effectively at work? This program will help! 

Program Fact Sheet - Communicating for Results (2023)

Creating a Culture of Hospitality

How to Improve the Employee Experience  

The man who envisioned the world-renown service culture of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts died over a half-century ago, yet his flagship theme park is still known as “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Walt knew that hospitality isn’t about amenities, it’s about making others feel welcome and appreciated. In today’s complex and competitive employment environment, hospitality is a key to creating workplaces that attract and retain top talent. Fasten your seatbelt because this fast-paced e-ticket program will inspire you to view employee experience through the magical lens of hospitality. 

Program Fact Sheet - Creating a Culture of Hospitality (2023)

Critical Conversations

How to Engage in Difficult Discussions

Do you find it difficult to discuss certain topics, such as unsafe working conditions, poor job performance, office politics, religion, or diversity? You’re not alone! This program will help you engage in difficult discussions about emotional, high-stakes, risky, and even “taboo” topics by showing you how to examine your own motives, create safe conditions, and share your views without becoming divisive or defensive. Learning to engage in critical conversations (and encouraging others to do so) will strengthen your relationships, increase collaboration, improve group decision-making, and drive results. Want to learn to speak openly, honestly, and assertively about virtually anything with anyone? This program is for you!  

Program Fact Sheet - Critical Conversations (2023)

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

How to Reason, Solve, and Influence Logically

Critical thinking is NOT about being critical, it’s an essential skill that enables professionals to systematically analyze problems and logically evaluate information to identify reasoned solutions. Through facilitated discussions, problem solving activities, and other real-world applications, this program will help you think about what you’re thinking about, focus on facts, ask probing questions, recognize biases, and avoid logical fallacies. Want to reason, solve, and influence logically? This program is for you! 

Program Fact Sheet - Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (2023)

Destressing Your Life

How to Conquer Chaos & Cultivate Contentment

There is a stress epidemic in our society, and it is literally killing us. Working too much, sleeping too little, getting easily offended, and being chronically worried is negatively affecting our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and reltional wellbeing. The good news is that by identifying and addressing the distortional thoughts, habits, expectations, stories, and emotions that cause stress, we can add life to our years and years to our lives. In this program, you will discover where stress comes from and how to eliminate much of it from your life. Want to de-stress your life? This program will show you how!

Program Fact Sheet - Destressing Your Life (2023)

Driving Change

How to Drive Change Without Running Others Over

Change is both constant and pervasive. Whether you are responsible for influencing incremental change or leading radical transformational change, your success will be determined by your ability to convert resistance and skepticism into cooperation and commitment. This program examines why most change initiatives fail, introduces a systematic process for effectively driving change, and shows you how to develop your own personal change plan. Need to drive change without running others over? This program is for you! 

Program Fact Sheet - Driving Change (2023)

Essential Skills for Remote Working

Tried-and-True Tips for the New Normal of Work

Although remote working became the new norm recently, some professionals have been working this way and leading remote teams for years. That’s great news if you’re new to remote working! In this program you will learn tried-and-true best practices from an expert who has been working remotely and managing a remote team for a decade. Want to be more efficient and effective while working remotely? This program is for you!  

Program Fact Sheet - Essential Skills for Remote Working (2023)

Ethical Leadership

How to Promote an Ethical Work Culture

It’s a larger issue than you may realize, an ethical crisis that negatively affects employee morale, motivation, performance, and retention. The underlying problem? Some leaders, bombarded by conflicting priorities, seem more motivated by self-interest and achievement than by a moral obligation to serve. This program will engage you in facilitated discussions and ethical scenarios to demonstrate the complexity of ethical decision making and emphasize what leaders must do to consciously model and consistently promote a culture of “right-doing.” Want to promote an ethical work culture? This program is for you! 

Program Fact Sheet - Ethical Leadership (2023)

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

How to Make Powerful Personal & Professional Connections

Ever wonder why some people move forward while others seem to spin their wheels? Although everyone communicates, fewer people excel at identifying with and relating to others. In a word, the best leaders know how to connect. Based on the book “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect” by John C. Maxwell, this program uses self-assessments, group discussions, lively activities, and other real-world applications to help you become a better connector. Want to make powerful personal and professional connections? This program will help you!  

Program Fact Sheet - Everyone Communicates, Few Connect (2023)

Gaining and Sustaining Credibility

How to Earn the Trust and Confidence of Others

Credibility is about earning the trust and confidence of others. People with credibility instill confidence, influence colleagues, and unify teams. Those without credibility simply cannot. If you want others to recognize you as a person of character, a trusted advisor, and a principled leader – cultivate credibility. Through self-assessments, facilitated discussions, and group activities, this program will help you apply specific credibility-building leadership principles. Want to earn the trust and confidence of others? This program is for you!  

Program Fact Sheet - Gaining and Sustaining Credibility (2023)

Gaining Influence

How to Achieve Positive Outcomes for Yourself and Others

Effective influencers don’t push from behind, they persuade from out front. They inspire others to think bigger and enable them to achieve more collaboratively than they could have on their own. Through self-assessments, engaging activities, and other practical applications, this program will help you clarify your career purpose, demonstrate a winning attitude, develop collaborative relationships, and make the hard work you do look easy. Want to influence positive outcomes for yourself and others? This is the program to help you do it! 

Program Fact Sheet - Gaining Influence (2023)

How Successful People Think

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

What single quality do successful people from all walks of life share in common? The way they think! According to leadership guru John C. Maxwell in his book “How Successful People Think,” when you learn to think like successful people you discover your own path to success. Change your thinking and you change your life! Through reflection, facilitated discussions, and group activities, this program will help you learn and apply eleven types of thinking that will change your life! Want to be more successful? This program will show you how to do it! 

Program Fact Sheet - How Successful People Think (2023)

Leading Through Crisis

How to Help Your Team Overcome Adversity  

Crisis brings out the best in good leaders. In fact, times of intense trouble can be constructive turning points for those who know how to use adversity as a catalyst to emerge stronger and more resilient. This program integrates first-hand crisis management experience and relevant leadership principles from guru John C. Maxwell to help you maintain perspective, engage in possibility thinking, and address the practical and psychological needs of people confronted with any crisis. Want to help others resist the natural urge to get back to normal by showing them how to emerge “better than normal?” This is the program for you! 

Program Fact Sheet - Leading Through Crisis (2023)

Managing Conflict

How to Move from Opposition to Agreement  

If an organization never experiences conflict, something is wrong. Conflict is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be counterproductive, and it should never be destructive. This program will examine the origins of interpersonal conflict, help you identify your conflict response and resolution styles, and introduce techniques to help you manage conflict more effectively. Want to move from opposition to agreement? This program will show you how!

Program Fact Sheet - Managing Conflict (2023)

Mastering the Art of Facilitation

How to Design, Plan, and Facilitate Productive Group Events 

Whether you lead meetings and work sessions or facilitate training workshops, your success depends greatly on your ability to remain objective, engage others, build consensus, guide decisions, manage disruptions, and much, much more! This program takes you “behind the scenes” with a certified facilitator to experience, learn, and apply proven techniques and “tricks of the trade” used by the most seasoned pros. Want to facilitate productive on site and online events that help your group achieve its desired results? This program will show you how!

Program Fact Sheet - Mastering the Art of Facilitation (2023)

Promoting Civility in the Workplace

How to Recognize, Resolve, and Recover from Uncivil Behavior

Incivility is like a poison that divides communities and undermines organizations. Unaddressed in the workplace, incivility infects employee morale, engagement, productivity, and retention and affects employee health and safety. Made public, incivility can become a significant reputational risk. It cannot be ignored. Through risk-assessments, group activities, and case studies, this program will help you recognize warning signs, raise awareness, resolve conflict, establish trust, and proactively promote civility. Want to recognize, resolve, and recover from uncivil behavior in your workplace? This program will help you do it! 

Program Fact Sheet - Promoting Civility in the Workplace (2023)

Servant Leadership

How to Enrich the Lives of Those You Lead 

Those who wish to lead must first serve. This concept of servant leadership gained popularity in the 20th century and remains relevant today, but the philosophy is centuries old. In this program you will examine the origins of servant leadership, contrast it with other leadership styles, and discover what you can do to enrich the lives of others, foster workplace community, and create a more just and caring world. Want to enrich the lives of those you lead? This program is for you!

Program Fact Sheet - Servant Leadership (2023)

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

How to Learn Life Lessons from Your Losses

Everyone faces setbacks, both personally and professionally. And while setbacks often feel like losses, they are also opportunities to learn valuable life lessons. Based on principles from John C. Maxwell’s book by the same title, this program includes self-assessments, small group discussions, group activities, and other real-world applications that will help you adopt the right mindset to learn from adversity, get back on track, and turn your next setback into a leap forward. Want to turn your losses into transformational lessons? This program is for you! 

Program Fact Sheet - Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn (2023)

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

How to Move Your Organization in the Right Direction

Without strategies, goals, and plans leaders wonder and organizations wander. Successful leaders are intentional. They plan and execute with purpose. If you want to steer your organization in the right direction you must be conscious of its values, clear about its vision, and candid about its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Through organizational assessments, case studies, and other hands-on applications, this program will help you identify your organization’s values and vision, analyze its current situation, develop strategic goals, and create an action plan for achieving those goals. Want to move your organization from where it is to where it wants to be? This program is for you! 

Program Fact Sheet - Strategic Planning and Goal Setting (2023)

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

How to Achieve Your Personal and Professional Potential

Virtually everyone wants to grow personally and professionally, but many people struggle to make that desire a reality because they simply don’t know where to begin. We have good news for you! Leadership guru John C. Maxwell identified fifteen laws guaranteed to help you realize your potential. Based on lessons from his book by the same title, this program uses self-assessments, group discussions and activities, and other practical applications to introduce timeless universal principles that will help you accelerate your personal and professional growth. Want to grow personally and professionally? This program will show you how! 

Program Fact Sheet - The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth (2023)

Why Good People Do Bad Things

Understanding the Psychology of Workplace Deviance

Workplace deviance not only threatens your organization’s bottom line, but it also negatively affects employee morale, customer satisfaction, organizational reputation, and more! Knowing how employees engage in wrongdoing isn’t enough. Those responsible for monitoring, auditing, detecting, and preventing employee misconduct must understand why employees engage in it and what makes them think it’s okay to do so. By confronting tough ethical dilemmas, you will examine the complexity and psychology of workplace deviance and discover what you must do to mitigate its negative impact before it’s too late. Want to better understand why good people do bad things? This program is for you! 

Program Fact Sheet - Why Good People Do Bad Things (2023)

Working Well Under Pressure

How to Thrive in Turbulent Times  

Deadlines, competing priorities, tough decisions, negative people, and disruptive change. Everyone deals with these pressures, but those who know how to prosper under pressure outperform and outlast those who freak out. Through self-assessments, facilitated discussions, and other practical applications, this program will help you project positivity, embrace criticism, manage your emotions, welcome change, and remain resilient no matter what happens. Want to learn to work well under pressure? This program will show you how!  

Program Fact Sheet - Working Well Under Pressure (2023)