We believe everyone can benefit from having a coach!

Coaching is all about relationships and results, that's why we foster personal connections with clients to help them achieve the outcomes they desire in key areas of focus. 

Our holistic “whole-person” approach draws from cognitive-behavioral and positive psychology to help clients recognize root causes, break negative habits, and overcome underlying mental and emotional roadblocks holding them back. 

Don Levonius, who leads our coaching team, is a Certified Leadership Coach (Maxwell Leadership) and a Board Certified Christian Life Coach (American Association of Christian Counselors). He holds master's degrees in human resource development and business & organizational security management, as well as undergraduate degrees in management and business administration. 

Clients who engage in one-on-one coaching relationships benefit from help addressing and overcoming individual challenges, as well as guidance identifying and achieving personal and professional goals. Each client enjoys dedicated bi-weekly virtual sessions, ongoing text and email communication, and periodic phone check-ins between sessions. 

Mastermind group and intact team clients who engage in group coaching meet virtually for bi-weekly or monthly facilitated sessions to discuss a shared book, address work related issues, and share insights, advice, and encouragement.  

Please call or email for more information about our one-on-one and group coaching.