Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of coaching do you do?

A: We provide life coaching to help you live your best life and achieve personal goals, and leadership coaching to help you effectively lead people and organizations and accomplish your professional goals. With the exception of clients located in Central Florida USA, all life and leadership coaching sessions are conducted virtually. One-on-one life and leadership coaching is available to individuals directly and through their employers. Group coaching is available to work teams, association management teams, volunteer teams, and other intact groups.

Please contact us for additional information about the coaching solution that's best for you!  

Q: What's the format and duration of your programs?

​A: All of our programs are available as live and prerecorded webinars, virtual seminars, onsite seminars, and in-person conference sessions. And most of our programs are scalable and customizable, so just tell us what you have in mind and we'll help you find the solution that works best for you and your audience. 

Q: How, when, and where are your programs available?

​A: We deliver programs online for clients around the world and on-site for clients in North America, Europe, and Asia. All of our online and on-site programs are available to you by request. So just book one of our programs and stay where you are. We'll come to you, either online or in person! 

Q: Do you do webinars and virtual seminars?

​A: Absolutely, our team has been delivering full-service webinars and virtual seminars for a decade!

All of our virtual programs are specifically designed for online delivery and our online facilitators are experts at engaging participants through technology.

Book one of our virtual programs and we'll provide a professional broadcast platform, an expert producer, and a facilitator who knows how to connect with your group regardless of how geographically dispersed it may be.  

Q: How are your webinars and virtual seminars delivered?

​A: Our production team hosts and produces our virtual events on our Zoom, WebEx, and ON24 accounts, so you don't need to have your own plan, license, or host. 

If you have your own Zoom or WebEx account and would prefer to host one of our programs on your platform, that's certainly an option.

Let's talk about it! 

Q: What types of clients do you serve?

​A: We serve a wide variety of corporate, non-profit, and government clients including: AAA, ASIS International, Association of Airport Internal Auditors, Association of College and University Auditors, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Citrus County Tax Collector, City of Orlando, CoreNet Global, CORFAC International, Crowe, Daimler, Equinix, Facebook, Florida Association of Community Corrections, Florida Attorney General’s Office, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, Florida Tax Collectors Association, Freightliner, General Motors, Habitat for Humanity, ISACA, Just $ave Foods, Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Land O’Lakes, Inc., Lowes Foods, McCoy Federal Credit Union, National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, National Nuclear Security Administration, Orange County Corrections, Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, OSCRE International, Professional Risk Managers International Association, Standard Chartered Bank, The Institute of Internal Auditors, Thomas Built Buses, TIAA, TOHO Water Authority, U.S. Department of Energy, YRC International, and more.  References are available upon request.

Q: Who should attend your programs?

​A: Good people who want to change their worlds. Influencers who want to do the right thing. Leaders and emerging leaders who want to promote both diversity and unity, initiate critical conversations, build trust, manage conflict, lead ethically, promote civility, gain credibility, improve critical thinking skills, plan and execute strategies, set goals, lead organizations through crisis, and create awesome employee and customer experiences. If that describes you and your team, we can help!

Q: What can participants expect of your programs?

​A: In a word, they can expect an experience. Our programs are professionally developed and expertly delivered to take participants on a journey of discovery. They'll engage in immersive activities, discover a wealth of new ideas and perspectives, experience a range of emotions, and walk away with practical ways to live and lead well. It's an experience. ​

Q: How far in advance should we book you for an event?

​A: Clients usually book us 1-3 months in advance for online events and 3-6 months prior for onsite events. Some book us as early as 12 months ahead. It just depends. The earlier you book the more likely you are to get the speaker, topic, and date you really want. So why wait? Book us now. ​

Q: How do we book you for our event?

​A: It's as easy as 1,2,3 to book us for your next event!

1) Click on the "email us" link below and tell us what you have in mind.

2) As soon as we understand your needs and objectives we'll send you a proposal.

3) After we make you an offer you can't refuse we'll agree to the terms and begin planning your event. 

Click the "email us" link now to take the first step. 

Q: What can clients and event planners expect from you?

​A: When you work with us you can expect full transparency, straightforward pricing, a seamless booking process, a Disney-quality event experience, and guaranteed participant satisfaction. We work hard to make your job easier, so once you book us for your event you can expect to relax knowing we're hard at work creating an experience your group will love. ​

Q: What's included in your fee?

​A: That depends on your needs. We prefer to simplify the process for you by providing all inclusive rates. What that means is that in addition to a highly-rated facilitator or speaker, our "all-in" rate for virtual events includes use of our webinar platforms and support from our professional producers. For our onsite events that means our "all-in" rates include all travel-related expenses. Of course, if you prefer to host our program on your webinar platform or reimburse our travel expenses separately we're cool with that, too. After discussing the options with you we'll spell everything out in a proposal based on the approach that's best for you! 

Q: Do clients and event planners need to arrange your travel?

​A: No, thanks. Other speakers may expect you to make their travel reservations, as if you work for them. We see it differently. We're here to serve YOU.

Unless you own an airplane, have a hotel room block, or want to loan us your sports car while we're in town - we'll take care of our own travel arrangements. But feel free to recommend your favorite local eateries! ​

Q: What type of venue, room set-up, and AV equipment do you require?

​A: We ask that you provide a suitable venue with tables arranged into cabaret or crescent style pods that allow for group discussions and activities. Classroom style is okay, too - but it's our second choice. 

We'll also need a projector and screen (or a digital display screen), an HDMI connection, audio amplification, and both a lapel mic and a handheld mic for groups of 60+. A couple of easel charts or dry erase boards would be great, too. 

We always bring a laptop or tablet, a clicker, and a dozen dongles (or whatever those things are called). Oh, and stories. We'll bring lots of funny stories. Maybe a few not-so-funny ones, too. You can decide.